Boxer Dog Adoption – Explained

Boxer Dog Adoption – Explained

If you are finally ready to own a Boxer of your own or not sure if you should adopt or purchase a puppy, then this article is for you. You will learn more about the benefits of adopting a Boxer and the whole process in general.

Why You Should Adopt

Rescuing a Boxer from an animal shelter is a lot more rewarding than most people think. Despite the myth that all shelter dogs are unwanted and picked up from the streets, most dogs usually end up in the shelter because their owners were simply unable to keep them anymore.

The owners of these dogs loved them very much, but couldn’t keep them anymore either due to money problems, landlords that don’t allow pets, family members that were allergic to dogs or some other personal reason.

Top Five Reasons to Adopt a Boxer:

  • Majority of adopted dogs will have some prior training– Since these dogs already know how to live amongst their human friends, a lot of the Boxers you’ll meet at rescue shelters will be already housetrained. Some of them will even know a couple of cool tricks, which I’m sure they would love to show you.
  • You will have a better idea of their personality and temperament– Predicting puppy’s temperament once it gets older can be quite a challenge. When adopting a Boxer from a shelter, you’ll have a better idea of how the dog behaves around people and pets.
  • You will save a dog and give it a home it needs – Animal rescue shelters are almost always crowded with dogs that are in need of a good home. So not only will you save a dog and give it a home, but you will also open up a spot for another dog that needs it.
  • You will save hundreds of dollars– Well this reason may not be as noble as the one before it, but who doesn’t like to save some money, right? Purchasing a Boxer dog can cost anywhere from $600-$1,500 USD! When adopting a Boxer you will only have to pay a small adoption fee (which will go towards another dog being rescued).
  • You will have the best companion anyone could ask for– Boxers are very grateful dogs and will repay you with their loyalty and love. There is no better companion than a curious, funny and often silly Boxer dog.

Where to adopt a Boxer Puppy

Finding a rescue shelter near you is actually easier than it is to find a reputable breeder. Most dog rescue shelters operate similar to any other “business” despite being nonprofit. That means that they are likely to be listed in a phonebook or local business directories.

Remember that when looking for a shelter, you don’t have to search shelters that deal exclusively with the Boxer breed. Shelters that adopt all pets and animals can have Boxer puppies available for adoption. So be sure to give them a call before you cross them off your list.

What You Will Need to Adopt a Dog

Dog rescue shelters will often have you fill out an application before you try to adopt a dog from them. They do this to weed out irresponsible owners from the responsible ones. This is to protect their dogs from going through the whole adoption process again if the new owners change their mind.

The applications will probably have questions about your home, your income, experience with dogs, family size, questions about your current pets and any other information they think will help them find you a puppy that is the right match for you, so please answer honestly.

Be Prepared Before You Adopt

Be prepared before you go out looking for a dog that you can adopt. Make a list of everything you’ll need to keep your dog healthy, happy and obedient. Don’t forget to figure out things like…

  • Monthly expenses
  • How much time you’ll have for your dog
  • Other pets that might not like a new addition to your family
  • Space for the dog to run and play
  • Unexpected veterinary expenses

If you want a good starting point for all of this information then I highly suggest you check out the Boxer Dog Owners Guide. It has everything you need to know about this particular breed, from adopting/buying a puppy to training a well behaved, happy and healthy adult dog.

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