Obedience Training For Boxer Dogs

If you are having a difficult time with your boxer or your dog is constantly misbehaving and ignoring your house rules and commands then obedience training should be one of the top priorities on your to-do list.

A disobedient puppy can be a real pain and cause a lot of stress to his owner, and more often than not it’s not that the puppy wants to misbehave; he just doesn’t realize that he is misbehaving or doing any harm.

The boxer pup doesn’t know that biting, chewing furniture or digging in your garden isn’t allowed; you have to teach him those things. You need to teach the puppy the rules of the house so he knows what kind of behavior is acceptable and what isn’t allowed.

Obedience Training is Necessary

What a lot of owners don’t realize is that your boxer is learning from you even when you’re not training or teaching him anything. Boxers are good at picking up your emotions and moods, and using that they can quickly figure out how you feel about what they are currently doing.

If you are laughing or smiling at the sight of watching your little pup, playing with and chewing your old shoes because he just looks so adorable, your puppy will notice your mood and connect your joy with destructive chewing. So essentially in a way you are training, indirectly that is, the puppy to chew your shoes!

Of course that’s not what most owners want their dogs to do and certainly don’t want to train them to misbehave. This is why obedience training for boxers is such a crucial part of dog ownership.

Boxer Dog Playing With His ToyYou want your house rules to be clear and consistent so that the dog knows exactly what you expect him to do and why.

Once you start with obedience training, after just a couple of short sessions you will notice that the puppy will be a lot more responsive to your commands and you will have a much easier time getting his full attention.

You simply cannot have an obedient and well behaved boxer dog without any obedience training. Your dog needs to learn how to live among his human family through positive reinforcement and regular training sessions.

Cure Your Dogs Worst Habits

Whenever I hear the quote “You can’t teach an old dog a new trick”, it makes me cringe. To me it’s equivalent to sound of scratching a chalkboard with a rusty nail.

The truth is that no matter how disobedient your boxer dog might be he is never too old to go through obedience training.

No matter how old your dog is, if you know what you are doing, you can train your dog any new trick and overcome even the nastiest behavior problems (I learned that from personal experience watching dog owners overcome the same problems).

Here are some of the problems that I have dealt with directly, either with my own boxers or by helping other owners with their dogs:

  • Guilty Boxer PupGoing to the bathroom indoors, no matter how many walks
  • Destructive chewing of furniture and
  • Whining and barking when left home alone
  • Digging holes in the garden
  • Nipping and biting that won’t stop no matter what
  • Dragging and pulling on leash whenever going out for a walk
  • Constantly ignoring commands even though he knows them

… I could go on and on but you get the picture, and you know what I learned from dealing with these disobedience problems?

It’s not the cruel shock collars, choke collars, bitter sprays or any other useless “dog training tools” or expensive dog training classes that solve those problems.

The best solution to solving behavior problems in boxers is the bond and trust between the dog and the owner!

Only when your boxer learns that you are looking out for him and are a good and trustworthy “pack leader” will you start seeing positive progress towards a more obedient and happier boxer dog.

And you know what the best part is? Your dog will listen to you not because he fears you or because you are holding a treat in your hand; Your boxer will listen to your commands because he respects and trusts you and wants to listen!

Start Training Early

Obedient Boxer DogDon’t rely on a professional dog trainer to help you improve your relationship with your dog; instead spend that time with your dog yourself.

Train your boxer yourself and have him view YOU as the leader of the pack instead of the guy you hired for a couple training sessions. You will learn more about your dog this way, and your boxer will love the extra time he gets to spend with you.

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