Boxer Dog Breed History

Boxer Dog Breed History

Boxer dogs came from two large German hunting dogs, the bullenbeisze and barenbeiszer. These dogs were not like the hound hunting dogs that helped tracking down the prey. Instead they had a dangerous job: They were used to hunt large and dangerous game like bears, boars and deer. Their job was to track down these animals and capture them, holding them long enough for the hunters to come.

It wasn’t until the late 1800s that the boxer breed was unofficially established, and in 1904 AKC registered boxers as an official dog breed. As years went by, the need for hunting large animals like bears and boars diminished and boxer dogs were used for different purposes. During WWI, the boxer breed became a popular breed among the soldiers. They were used as guard dogs, attack dogs and even messenger dogs during the war.

Despite their popularity in the army during the WWI, it was not until after WWII that boxers started to get popular among the general populations. As soldiers returned from war, they sometimes brought their faithful and loyal companions home with them. Since then, many families have welcomed the boxer breed into their home. The popularity of the breed has grown ever since.

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