Boxer Dog Breed Information

Boxer Dog Breed Information

The boxer dog breed is one of the more popular breeds around the world but have you ever wondered what makes this breed so well-liked? I’m sure you remember the famous saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend,” and it couldn’t be truer with the boxer dog breed. Boxers are well known for being loyal companions. They would do anything to keep their owner or their family out of harm’s way and because of that they are often distrustful of strangers who may seem like a threat to them. This is what gives people who aren’t too familiar with the boxer breed the perception that it is a dangerous breed. Those people just assume that boxers wouldn’t make good family pets. In reality, it is quite the opposite, as boxers are friendly and loyal dogs at their core.

The boxer dog breed is ideal for families with children. They do well with kids and can be great playmates because of their playful nature. Even in their adulthood, they enjoy playing games and having fun as much as they did during their time as young pups. If brought up correctly, boxers also do well with other common house pets, like dogs and cats. You can find out more information about that by reading boxers and cats getting along. Dogs of the boxer breed often serve as guard dogs to protect their owner’s home and family from intruders; this requires the right training, of course.

Training a boxer dog can be either difficult or easy to accomplish. Each case depends on your approach and knowledge of the breed. This breed is very intelligent but does not respond well to some training techniques which are popular among other dog breeds. If they are forced into doing something they don’t want to do, they can mentally lock up and ignore you, making training much more difficult than it should be. However, if you use the right approach and work with your boxer – as opposed to forcing him into doing things he does not want to do – you can have a well behaved dog in no time.

Just like most breeds, boxers need to be socialized as puppies. Taking your boxer puppy with you whenever you go out to places where dogs are allowed is a great way to get your boxer to meet new people and make some friends. Boxers that do not get out often during this stage of their life can later on develop anxiety and fear when they come in contact with the outside world. Simple things like meeting new people and going to unfamiliar places can become frightening and stressful for the boxer. If the boxer gets out a lot and becomes more comfortable around new people and new places as a puppy, such situations will be a lot more enjoyable for him and he will grow up a much healthier dog.

Since boxers were originally bred as working type dogs, they require a fair amount of exercise. This athletic dog breed needs to run around on regular basis to maintain its health and to stay in shape. While boxers are still puppies, too much exercise is not recommended due to the early stages of bone development but once your boxer reaches adulthood he can make a great running partner.

The boxer dog breed is great for any family regardless if you’re looking for a guard dog, a therapy dog, a service dog or just a regular household pet. This breed has proven its loyalty and intelligence throughout history. If you’re looking for a dog breed that is loyal, brave and loving then a boxer dog would make a great addition to your family.

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