Boxer Dog Care – Food Warning

Boxer Dog Care – Food Warning

Diet is the major factor in your boxer dog’s health and well-being. The food that you him feed plays a major role in his well-being and can make the difference between a healthy boxer that rarely needs to see the vet and a boxer that is always suffering from some illness.

A good diet will extend your dogs life expectancy. Feeding your dog nutritious and healthy food will result in a long and healthy life so make sure you know exactly what goes into your boxer’s mouth.

It’s shocking what some dog food companies can get away with when it comes to packing dog food with complete junk.

I know this is gross and I’m sorry, but I want you to have an idea of what some companies put in dog food to save on the cost of the food:

Junk Found in Cheap Dog Food

  • 1. Bodies of Dogs and Cats
  • 2. Rancid Grain
  • 3. Sheep Guts
  • 4. Road Kill
  • 5. Chicken Heads

Of course your boxer wouldn’t eat that junk if they knew what it is, but unfortunately big companies found a way around that as well. They know that a healthy dog would not eat any of those so called “ingredients”, so instead they just trick them.

Currently they spray it with oils and grease to make the food (if you can call it that) smell and taste like normal food. This is also the main reason why it may seem like your boxer loves the cheap garbage food and hates the nutritious and healthy dog food.

Why Do Companies Fill Dog Food With Junk?

I found myself asking the same question. Why do these companies fill our dogs food with such junk?

Well the answer to that question is money. Those companies are not in it for the benefit of our pets – they are in it for the profit.

If they can save money buying junk meat which can’t be sold for human consumption, stuff it in dog food and get away with it, they will!

If they can get away with buying road kill and euthanized animals for pennies, add it to the dog food and sell it to the public, they will!

They don’t care that your boxer’s healthy expectancy is half of what it should be. They don’t care that the food has almost no nutritional value, as long as they can get away with it and make some money in the process they will do it.

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  1. Diane DuCommun says:

    My husband and I have a 5 year old male brindle boxer. Just for two weeks now he has been making a clicking sound on the left area of the mouth…it is not all day, is this a jaw issue? Took him to a vet and the teeth seem to be fine and he has no problems with eating. Too, he is a happy boy and doesn’t seem to be in pain. What steps should we follow to keep our precious dog out of mis-comfort? Paul and Diane

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