Are Boxers Good Family Pets?

Are Boxers Good Family Pets?

Different people have different needs so there is no perfect dog breed for everyone out there. If you are looking for a dog and are curious about the boxer dog breed then I recommend you get a little more familiar with the breed to see if they match your personality.

Remember that just because two dogs are in the same breed doesn’t mean they will act exactly the same. This is the overview of the breed in general and things can differ from dog to dog. It is best that you go see the particular dog that you want to adopt and introduce him to everyone in your family to see how well he gets along with them before you adopt him.

Use this information as a general guide and not a universal law to every single boxer dog.

Do Boxers Get Along With Kids?

Like previously said, not all boxers are the same and these questions greatly depend on the way the dog was raised since he was a puppy. Some boxers might have been raised in a household full of kids while others might have been in a different environment and shy away from kids.

In general however, boxers get along with kids due to their playful nature. Boxers are well known for their goofy behavior and child-like playfulness which kids love and they make perfect play mates.

Sometimes they can be a little clumsy and run into someone in the midst of playing, but that usually isn’t intentional and is accidental.

However their energetic personality is perfect for kids who love playing outdoors and even an adult boxer will love running around and playing outside all day with the kids.

Are Boxers Aggressive?

Aggressive behavior is learned and is usually caused due to improper training or complete lack of it. Boxers are not aggressive by nature but instead are very friendly and love making new human and dog friends.

They are not vicious attack dogs as portrayed in some movies; in fact they are playful and very loyal dogs that will stick by their owners no matter what happens.

If they feel threatened or don’t trust someone, they will growl and let the person know ahead of time before doing anything drastic. Even though they don’t like starting a fight or attack anyone, they are capable of defending themselves when feel threatened.

Requirements for Boxer Dogs

Just like with any other dog breed, boxer dogs have particular needs and wants. If you can’t match them or don’t think they go along with what you like then maybe the boxer dog breed isn’t right for you.

Exercise – These dogs were bred for their strength and stamina and even though your particular boxer doesn’t need to chase down wild animals or hunt down boars and other large creatures, your boxer still has a want and need for the same type of exercise to stay healthy.

Boxers don’t like sitting home all day waiting for their owners. They want to run around, play and explore new territory. Boxers who don’t get enough exercise throughout the day will turn to other ways to entertain themselves like destructive chewing or barking.

Social Interaction – Like previously said, boxers don’t like sitting home alone all day. They want to be around people or other dogs. A lot of owners get two boxers just for that reason alone. Two of them keep each other company and that keeps them busy while you’re away at work.

Grooming – When it comes to grooming boxer dogs, they don’t need as much attention as some other breeds, like German Shepherds or Labrador Retrievers. They still shed, but the fur is much shorter and much less noticeable.

They also don’t require frequent baths. You should wash your boxer dog no more than once every 3 months. Washing them any more than that will do more harm to their skin and fur.

Training – All dogs require some sort of training, including boxers. The problem with boxers however is that they extremely intelligent and quickly pick up on the best ways to get what they want.

You want your dog to respect and listen to you and the best way to do it is obedience training. Without boxer dog training, you will only have problems on your hands and will be running around with a mop from room to room cleaning up your dog’s mess.

Is a Boxer Right for My Family?

I will say this right off the bat, boxers are NOT for every family. If most of the time your home is empty because everyone in your family is either at work or at school, then boxers might not be the right choice for you.

If however you are looking for an additional companion to a family that loves to go hiking, going to the park and doing other outdoor activities, then a boxer might be just the perfect pet.

Take a moment to consider how much free time you will have to see if a boxer is good for your family. Also consider the price of a vet, food and other expenses. Larger breed dogs breed will cost a lot more to take care of than a smaller dog.

Each family is different so it’s up to you to judge for yourself if a boxer dog would make a good pet for you and your family.

Owning a Boxer Dog has never been Easier!

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