Stop Boxer Dog Destructive Chewing

Stop Boxer Dog Destructive Chewing

Many boxer dog owners will have to deal with some sort of destructive chewing problems with their dogs at one point or another.

Babies like to grab and feel new textures to see what they are like and boxers are not much different when comparing chewing of furniture or other household items.

The only difference is that puppies don’t have hands, so instead they use their mouths. They are curious about how things feel and taste so they will often try chewing on your kitchen table legs, dining room chairs or the living room carpet.

Of course most puppies outgrow that stage once they get older and stop biting and chewing on things around them, but not all do.

If your boxer starts, or won’t stop, chewing up your shoes, furniture or electronics then you have to take the matter in your hands and train the dog to stop chewing on those things.

The top three reasons for destructive chewing are boredom, itchy teeth or stress. Try to find the source of the problem to see why your boxer puppy won’t stop chewing.

  • Bored – This is when the boxer puppy has nothing better to do and finds other ways to entertain him when you’re off working or going out with your friends.If you suspect that your puppy is chewing because of boredom, the most obvious choice to solving the problem is buying some new toys for him to play him.

    If that doesn’t work then you have to find alternative ways for him to deal with the problem.

  • Itchy Teeth– This one only applies to puppies and not adult boxers. If your dog is fully grown and continues on chewing your clothes, curtains or whatever he has mind on then it’s probably not because of itchy teeth.For a puppy that is chewing, you will need to get some toys and chewable so he has something else to chew besides your furniture.
  • Stressed –Chewing for dogs helps relieve stress and if your dog is anxiety about something or is stressed out about something else, you can bet that he will sink his teeth in your leather couches to calm himself down.Chewing helps get their mind off whatever it is that is stressing them out and helps them relax. This is why destructive chewing is so popular amongst dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety.

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  1. Deb says:

    Any time my boxer gets loose she runs over to the neighbors to play with. There dog and the. Neighbor lets her into there home how can I stop my dog from this. I asked the neighbor not to let her into there home. But still does anyway any suggestions

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