Boxer Diet – Food and Treats

Boxer Diet – Food and Treats

If you want your boxer to live a long and healthy live, his diet should be one of your main concerns. Feeding the boxer dog junk food will only leave him sick and your wallet empty from all the veterinary visits.

You should feed the boxer a balanced and nutritious diet filled with all the right vitamins that he needs. Don’t rely on the promises made by the dog food companies. Do your own research to find the best food which is both nutritious and is approved by the boxer’s taste buds.

Healthy Treats For Boxers

Before you try any of the treats listed below, make sure your dog is not allergic to any of them. If your boxer is on certain medication or is on a special diet, consult with your veterinarian to make sure it’s ok to feed your boxer with the treats.

Rice – Rice cakes come with a lot of healthy benefits for boxer dogs. The great thing about rice is that its inexpensive and boxers seem to like it.

Popcorn – I’m not talking about the greasy popcorn you find in movie theaters, but the soft and fluffy air popped popcorn. These treats are a great substitute for high fat treats you might find in pet stores.

Cottage Cheese – This is a good replacement for dairy treats such as ice-cream. You can also use yogurt too.

Cooked Veggies – We all know that veggies are filled with vitamins, so why not use some healthy cooked vegies as delicious treats? I personally give my boxer cooked carrots and he seems to love them!

Whether you want to give your dog some healthy treats while training him tricks or to spoil him a little bit, using the healthy ideas above will help keep your feel lean and stay healthy.

Obesity in Boxer Dogs

Obesity in boxers is not that rare, especially in dogs that sit home all day and get little to no exercise. All the extra fat they pick up from their food can’t be burned off if your boxer only gets to go out for short walks and has no time to run around and play.

Lack of exercise however is not the only cause for obesity in boxers; they can get the extra pounds from overfeeding as well.

Most owners actually overfeed their dogs without even know it. They just follow the instructions given by the dog food companies and a lot of times the recommended amount is nowhere close to what you should really feed to your boxer.

Some companies recommend a lot more than what your boxer needs so you end up buying more of their products (slimy I know, but things like this happen when money is involved).

Remember though that not all companies do it, so doesn’t start feeding your dog less food after reading this!

Want Your Boxer to Live a Long and Healthy Life?

The key to a long, happy and healthy life for your boxer dog is balance.

The most common problems for boxers are either improper diet, insufficient or lack of exercise and high stress level.

Countless studies have proven that people working in stressful environments suffer more illnesses and have a lower life expectancy and your boxer is no different.

This is why I always promote positive behavior training that doesn’t involve stressing, shouting or hitting your dog. Instead you tap into your boxer’s natural instinctive pattern.

This way not only will you have a healthy and stress free boxer, but also a dog that wants to obey to make you happy.

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