FAQ – Purchasing a Boxer Puppy

FAQ – Purchasing a Boxer Puppy

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions I get asked about purchasing Boxer puppies quite often. If your question wasn’t answered here, feel free to leave a comment.


Q: How much does it cost to purchase a full bred Boxer puppy?

A: Depends on your location, the breeder and even when you decide to purchase a puppy. Don’t forget that the price of a puppy is nothing compared to how much you will spend on the dogs food and health.


Q: If I can’t find any breeders close to me, should I have a puppy shipped by plane?

A: Try to put yourself in the Boxer’s position. You are taken away from your mom and siblings, put in a cage, pushed into a dark and noisy plane for hours. Would it be an experience you would want to go through? Besides most breeders who care about their dogs would never do that to a young and already scared puppy.


Q: Do you have any breeders you could recommend in my area?

A: Nope. I can provide you with a list of dog rescue shelters in your area if adopting a Boxer is something you’re considering.


Q: Are pet stores a good place to purchase a Boxer puppy?

A: Pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills. That would be the last place you would go for a puppy.


Q: What do you receive when you purchase a Boxer puppy?

A: Usually you would receive a shot record, contract, vet certificate, registration papers, something that would remind the puppy of his siblings/mom (blanket, chew toy, etc), some kibble of the food the puppy has been eating and a collar.


Q: What is the difference between adopting and purchasing a puppy?

A: When you adopt, you save a dog that needs a home and help support the efforts of dog rescue shelters. When buying a puppy, you are just paying to a breeder for the puppy.


Q: What is a good website to find a Boxer puppy for sale?

I wouldn’t recommend you purchase a puppy from any website before meeting the breeder in person.

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