Miniature Boxers

Miniature Boxers

Boxers are one of the more popular dog breeds that there is. It seems like more and more people who want a dog are looking more into boxer puppies. Although boxers are an amazing dog breed, unfortunately not everyone can afford to keep one. Boxers are large dogs so it means that they are more expensive to keep compared to the smaller dog breeds. Boxer dogs also require a lot more room in the house than smaller dogs.

Well there is a solution for the people that can’t keep a large dog in their home, and it is the miniature boxer puppies. Dog breeds are now breeding new dogs who look the same as the regular boxer we all have grown to like. Miniature boxers are not that common yet because it is a fairly new breed so it is not often that you see one and even if you do happen to spot a miniature boxer you might now recognize it because miniature boxers look just like boxer puppies.

Where Do Miniature Boxer’s Come From

Miniature boxers are a mix of two other breeds. Miniature boxers are usually bred from a male pug and a female toy fox terrier. Compared to the traditional boxers, miniature boxers are still a fairly new breed considering the fact that miniature boxers were only bred for the past five years or so. If you’re wondering how big miniature boxers get, well they grow up to be around ¼ of the size of the real boxers. At shoulder height the miniature boxers measure to be around 11-13 inches and they weigh around 12-18 pounds.

There are other dog mixes that resemble a “miniature” boxer but so far this mix is the closest to a boxer when it comes to looks. The problem is that their personalities and behavior don’t resemble a Boxer at all. So If you want a miniature Boxer that looks like a real Boxer and also behaves like one, you’re out of luck.

Where Can I Get a Miniature Boxer Dog?

If you are looking for a place to buy a miniature boxer puppy for yourself then look up some of the local breeders. It is rare that you would find miniature boxers at a shelter because there is a high demand for this “designer” dog breed.


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2 Responses to “Miniature Boxers”

  1. Renee says:

    What are their behavior traits? We had a boxer for 10 years and we miss her dearly. We really don’t want a large dog at this time, but feel that a miniature boxer will be a good fit for our family – depending on their temperament.

    • Amy says:

      Honestly I can’t really answer that question. It depends on the type of dogs that were bred for a “Miniature Boxer”.

      Miniature Boxers are not really “Boxers, so don’t expect a Boxer dog replacement. Although some dog owners say that Boston Terriers behave a lot like Boxers.