Naming a Boxer Puppy

Naming a Boxer Puppy

If you’re thinking of adopting a boxer puppy or already have, naming your boxer puppy is one of the very first things you need to do. It’s important to follow these simple guidelines to come up with the best boxer names that you can use. Your puppy is going to be stuck with that name for his entire life so make sure you pick a name that you will like and won’t change your mind on later.

The first rule of picking a great name for your boxer puppy is to keep it short and simple. Short names are easier for your puppy to remember and he will respond quicker to “Tai” than to “Tyranoragusis”. In general, the name should be no longer than 2 syllables. This will make training a lot easier and quicker as your puppy will learn his name faster and respond sooner.

Keep in mind not to name your puppy anything that resembles basic commands such as sit, come, speak, stay, fetch, and so on. Remember that you will be calling out this name at the park or even outside your home where your neighbors will hear you. Ask yourself the question, will you still like the name even 10 years from now? If the answer is no then it probably isn’t the right name for your dog.

Some popular boxer dog names include Rocky, Boris, Bruno, Champ, Darwin, Harley, Jack, Pluto, Tyson, and Zoe.

Even though these guidelines seem to restrict your availability of names the important part is that you name your dog something that you like and will like in the future. Avoid naming your dog inappropriate names that other people would be uncomfortable saying. The urge to name your boxer puppy something weird and original is high – but it’s also important to make sure the name rolls off your tongue and doesn’t get stuck when you say it! If you can go outside and scream the name out a couple of times without cringing then the name is probably good.

Don’t name your boxer puppy a name that reminds you of a person or event that you dislike. If you think naming your dog Jack is a good idea because your ex’s name was Jack – it’s not. If you have multiple dogs, don’t name them the same or similar names. Avoid naming them the same name as anyone from your family such as kids, spouse, parents, cousins – you get the picture.

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