Overweight Boxer Help

Overweight Boxer Help

Weight problems are quite common in nearly all dog breeds and Boxers are no exception. Problem with your Boxer being overweight is that the extra fat can cause a lot of health problems for the dog and even possibly shorten his lifespan.

The extra weight can put pressure on their joints and spine. Dogs that carry around too much weight around their waist are also susceptible to back injury. So it’s important to keep your beloved dog at a healthy weight to avoid health risks associated with being overweight.

Fat Boxer – Common Reasons Why

There are different reasons behind why a Boxer would get overweight. Here are just a few that could contribute to a dogs weight problems:

  • Instinct to always want more food – Have you ever seen your Boxer full? Have you had him refuse a nice treat? I doubt too many of you have. That is because of their instinct to always fill up on more food because tomorrow they might not be so lucky with treats.
  • Lack of exercise – Boxers are large and powerful dogs with a lot of energy that they need to let out every now and then. If they don’t get to exercise as much as they need to, their body will start storing fat.
  • Under-active thyroid – If the dog’s thyroid is not as active as it should be then your dog will start to gain weight quite quickly. If you suspect that this is the case with your Boxer, speak with your vet about it.
  • Food that lacks the proper nutritious – Cheap brand food that is poor in nutritious can cause weight issues as well as a number of other health problems.

Help Your Boxer Lose Weight

Luckily for you and your dog, there are a couple of things you can do to help your Boxer with losing the extra acquired weight.

Take him on more walks – he will love the extra time spent outdoors and his health overall will benefit from the activity. Exercise has always been one of the major factors when it comes to weight. Another way to exercise is though active games like fetch.

Use a measuring cup when feeding your Boxer – Measure exactly how much food your dog eats and add/remove food based on his weight loss/gain.

Feed your dog high quality food – For better health you will need better food. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy the more expensive food, since expensive food can be just as bad as the cheap stuff.

Add multivitamins to his diet – Multivitamins will help your Boxer get the vitamins he might be missing in his food. They will also improve his health and mood. Just be sure you talk to your vet about which vitamins you can give your dog.

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