Purchasing a Boxer Puppy

Purchasing a Boxer Puppy

Finally ready to take the next step and purchase a Boxer puppy of your own? Well this article will help you with finding a good dog breeder and prepare you for the whole process.

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Where to Purchase a Puppy

Finding Boxer puppies for sale is not as hard as you might think. You just need to spend a little bit of time looking around before you decide on which breeder you will go with. Try checking out the following places:

  • Animal Rescue Shelters – It’s not uncommon for such places to have purebred puppies that are available for adoption. Unfortunately due to high demand for young puppies, they are picked up for adoption quite quickly.
  • Classified Ads – Often breeders will post notices in classified ads when they have puppies that are available for sale.
  • Pet Store Bulletin Board – Pet stores that allow their customers to post on their bulletin boards often have notices from dog breeders that might have available puppies for sale.
  • Online dog breeder directories – If the breeder has a website then they are likely to be listed in one of the many online breeder website directories.
  • Boxer Dog Clubs – If there is a Boxer dog club or organization near you, you could ask them for recommendations. Usually they have breeders within their clubs as well.
  • Word of Mouth – if you see a beautiful Boxer at the park or on the street, don’t feel scared to ask the owner where they purchased their puppy. If they are really happy with their dog, they will gladly give you the name of their breeder.

Why You Need a Reputable Breeder

If you want to purchase a healthy and well-tempered Boxer puppy then you have to find a reputable breeder. By reputable breeder I mean someone who will:

  • Keeps their puppies at home (not in a kennel outside)
  • Doesn’t breed their dogs more than twice per year
  • Doesn’t breed dogs just for money
  • Actually cares where their pups will end up
  • Checks and makes sure their puppies are as healthy as they can be

Expect these breeders to ask you a lot of questions to make sure their puppies are going to a good home. They won’t give up their puppies as easily as some of the other guys, but that’s a really good sign that they care about their dogs.

Places to avoid

Greedy and sleazy people always find a way to profit off people’s emotion, and what could be more emotional than bringing home an adorable puppy. So you must be careful when buying a Boxer puppy to avoid puppy mills, backyard breeders and people who care just about the money and not the dogs.

Puppy mills will breed as many puppies in as short amount of time as possible just to make a quick buck. It’s not uncommon for them to breed several dog breeds multiple times per year. This allows them to operate their “business” all year long. The health and wellbeing of their dogs is often sacrificed to save on costs and increase profit.

Signs to look for

  • Breeder has multiple dog breeds available for sale
  • Have puppies for sale throughout most of the year
  • Keeps dogs in a kennel or outside of the home
  • Sells their puppies to pet stores
  • Dog breeding is their primary source of income

Looking for these simple signs when choosing a Boxer dog breeder will help you separate the good apples from the bad.

Questions to Ask

Don’t be scared to ask the breeder any questions you might have about their puppies, the purchasing process or anything else that’s on your mind. A good breeder will probably end up asking you more questions anyway.

Here is a list of some questions you should ask a breeder before you purchase a Boxer puppy from them:

  1. What are the parents temper/personality like?
  2. How healthy are the parents?
  3. Is it a pure Boxer or a mix?
  4. How were the puppies raised?
  5. Have they been socialized with humans?
  6. Were they checked by the vet for heart murmurs parasites?
  7. Do you belong to any dog clubs, if so can they vouch for you and your dogs?
  8. Do you offer any health guarantee?

Of course there are more questions you could ask the breeder, but these should give you a general idea of what to look for.

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