Stop Boxer Dog Barking

Stop Boxer Dog Barking

Dogs that won’t stop barking can get annoying pretty quickly, even for the animal lovers that adore dogs. We expect dogs to bark because they are dogs, but when the barking becomes excessive it has to stop.

If your Boxer has a barking problem and you’re getting complaints from the neighbors about the noise, you have to do something about it. Remember that you don’t have to stop the dogs barking completely, you just have to teach him to keep it under control.

Cure Boxer Dog Barking

Before you try to punish or scold your Boxer for barking, try to figure out why he was barking in the first place. If you can find the real cause of the problem and solve it instead of punishing your dog, you will have much better success with eliminating annoying barking.

Barking at Neighbors

If your Boxer thinks there is something that should be brought to your attention, the only way he can do it is through barking. This is why dogs often bark when a stranger is near or on your property. I wouldn’t call this type of barking “excessive” because it has a purpose behind it. However if your Boxer is barking at your neighbors every morning they leave for work, it could become bothersome.

The best way to deal with this situation is to introduce your dog to your neighbors. Show him that the people that live right next to you are friends and not strangers he should feel concerned about. I’m sure the neighbors that are annoyed with the barking wouldn’t mind it if it would help stop the barking.

Barking When Left Home Alone

This one is probably hard to notice, since the barking is taking place while you’re out. However if you’re neighbors are complaining about your dog barking all day when you’re gone then you know you have a behavior problem on your hands.

Boxers that bark when left alone typically do so out of boredom. They have nothing to do so to pass the time so they start barking to keep themselves entertained. It helps relieve stress, keeps their minds busy and perhaps might get someone’s attention.

The easiest way to prevent this type of behavior is to give your dog something to do while you’re gone. Chew toys are great way to keep a dog busy. Another thing you might want to try is leaving radio on while you’re gone. The voice from the radio can be very soothing to a boxer that is anxious about being home alone.

Barking While Playing

Boxer puppies are bigger offenders with this one than the adult ones. During an exciting game of keep away or chase, your dog might start barking which might seem cute at first. Unfortunately it can get annoying pretty quick if every time you try to play with your dog, he starts barking at you.

As soon as he starts barking, you have to stop the fun. Just turn around and ignore your dog for the next 10-15 minutes if he starts barking while playing. At first your dog might not realize why you’ve stopped playing but he will catch on if you do it every time he “breaks the rules” of the game by barking.

Train Your Boxer Like a Professional

What many people don’t realize is that Boxer dogs have natural “pack” instincts that can be used to quickly train them new tricks, solve behavior problems and train them into a dog that listens to you without any hesitation.

Tired of dealing with a stubborn Boxer dog that won’t listen to you no matter what? You should check out the Boxer Dog Owners Guide.

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  1. Fiona says:

    My boxer staffie cross is a nightmare on his lead and I am desperately looking for advice. He walks beautifully on a lead around the garden but as soon as we are in the porch ready to go out he litterally springs into action. He jumps up at the door, bites the door(trying to open it) and bites the lead. When we do eventually get onto the street it takes some time before he getsps go but then he will nt stop pulling.

    Taking advice from our vet, when he bites the lead I calmly say no, drop the lead and return to the house. So far no luck, please any advice eill be gratefully appreciated. Bruce is 8 months old.


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