Training a Boxer to Fetch

Training a Boxer to Fetch

Fetch is a fun game that both you and your Boxer can enjoy together. Besides being fun, it’s also a great way to keep your dog exercised and fit. You just have to teach your dog the basic rules and you will be ready to have some fun.

The good thing about this “trick”/”game” is that you can use your Boxers natural instincts to teach him how to play. If you ever saw two pups play, then you probably have noticed that a lot of that playing consists of chasing after each other. This instinct to chase after something that’s moving is called prey drive.

The hardest part about training fetch is having your boxer bring the toy back to you and actually give it to you. Usually they will either chase it and drop it or bring it back and not give it to you. This however is not a “keep-away” game but fetch, so you have to get your dog to give you the toy back.

This article will show you how you can train the basic fetch game to a boxer dog. You can make the game as simple or as complicated as you want, but the steps below should help you get started.

 What You will Need

  • Toy that your boxer can grab with his mouth and carry
  • Some delicious treats to encourage learning
  • Quiet place with as little distractions as possible

 Steps for Teaching a Boxer to Fetch

  1. Start off by building your boxers interest in the toy. Start playing with it and shaking it in front of the dog. Make him want to catch it and play with it too. Do this by being overly excited and the boxer will follow your lead.
  2. Now that your boxer is interested in the toy and is having the time of his life, take the toy and toss it only a couple of feet away from you. Now if he wants to keep playing, he will have to get the toy and bring it back into the “gaming circle”.

  3. As soon as your puppy catches the toy you should say the fetch command (“Bring”, “Fetch”, “Get” or whatever you pick). Give your puppy a treat for bringing back a toy along with some praise.
  4. Now do the whole processes again, keep playing with the puppy and get him excited. Then throw the toy again, but throw it just a bit further this time. Again, reward the boxer for bringing back the toy.
  5. Keep working on the trick using the above methods until the boxer starts to associate the command with bringing back the toy.

Additional Training Tips

Here are additional training tips to help you train a boxer dog to fetch the ball.

  • If your dog starts running from you with the toy, don’t chase him. Grab another toy and play with it instead. Don’t let him think that if he decided to play keep away, you will play along.
  • If your boxer doesn’t go after the toy after you throw it then he probably is not interested in it enough. Either try again at another time or try a different toy which you know your dog will love much more.
  • Throwing a toy, pointing at it and yelling “Fetch!” won’t teach your boxer anything. You have to get them to do the action and as they are bringing back the ball, reinforce their actions.

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3 Responses to “Training a Boxer to Fetch”

  1. jen says:

    I actually have a question. I have been wanting to purchase a boxer for some time now and was wondering that since they are only good with people we know how can we keep the dog back when ordering something out and the delivery guy comes? Also, what should i do if my dog suddenly gets agressive with another dog and I dont know what for? i appreciate any bit of info that I can get. Thank you,

    • Amy says:

      Boxers can get along with strangers as well. It really depends on how social the dogs are. If your boxer gets aggressive with another dog, separate them by pulling on the leash. Don’t get in between the two dogs or you might get bitten. Dog on dog aggression could be caused by any number of problems(territory aggression, defensive aggression, dominance aggression) so it’s hard to answers that question.

  2. Aryonna says:

    How do you train a boxer to hunt and listen? And how do you make sure that your boxer won’t get out of the gate.

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