Training a Boxer Dog New Tricks

Training a Boxer Dog New Tricks

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could teach your boxer any trick you want in just a couple short sessions without hiring a professional dog trainer or going to dog training classes?

Well it’s actually very easy to do, and no you don’t need any special equipment, shock collars or any other useless junk.

All it takes is just a couple of minutes a day that you would have spent with your boxer dog anyway.

Tricks To Teach Your Boxer Dog

Here is an overview of some of more popular tricks that you can train to your boxer. Of course once you get the hang of things, you could train your dog almost anything you can think of!

So let’s go over some of the tricks you can teach to your boxer pup:

Training a Boxer Dog To Come

Training a Boxer Dog To Come

Come – Training your boxer to come to you should be the first thing you do. You want him to respond to his name so that no matter what he is doing, you can always get his attention just by calling his name with this command.

Try to practice this command daily so your boxer responds to it almost on instinct without any hesitation. It also comes in handy when training other commands.

Training a Boxer To Sit

Training a Boxer To Sit

Sit – This command is pretty self-explanatory, you train your dog to sit down on command. Training sit to your boxer is the simplest commands you can train him.

Remember to give the treat to your boxer only after he sits still. If he is squirming and wagging his whole rear, like most boxers do when they are excited, make him sit and wait until he calms down.

Training a Boxer to Lay Down

Happy boxer dog

Lay Down – You should train your boxer to lay down only after he learns to sit on command. It will make things a lot easier, trust me on this one.

Get your boxer to sit and only then get him to lie down. As he gets better and more responsive to this trick, you can start using it without using the sit command beforehand.

Training a Boxer Dog to Roll Over

Training a Boxer Dog to Roll Over

Play Dead – Teaching your boxer puppy to play dead is a fun trick to do. Your dog doesn’t have to be perfectly still to do this, but he can be if you choose to make it so specific.

Roll Over – When training your boxer to roll over you need to make sure he does a complete a roll over and not just halfway and then back. Rolling over halfway is closer to “playing dead” than it is to actually “rolling over”.

Training a Boxer Dog To Fetch

Training a Boxer Dog To Fetch

Fetch – This is my favorite of all commands because not only are you training your boxer puppy a new trick but you are also playing with your dog and he is getting a pretty good exercise at the same time as well.

Make sure you praise the puppy only after he gives the toy to you. Dropping it at your feet or bringing it back and not giving it to you is not enough to be considered as “Fetch”

How Can I Teach My Dog New Tricks?

Training Boxer Cool Tricks

Boxers are very intelligent dogs and are capable of learning a lot more than just the basic tricks listed above.

As long as you keep it fun and exciting for your boxer, he will be eager to learn new tricks with you and spend time with you having fun and playing. Just remember that positive reinforcement is the best way to get your boxer motivated and excited about training.

To learn more about training your boxer dog new tricks and learn more about the breed go to the link below:

>> Boxer Dog Owners Guide

Owning a Boxer Dog has never been Easier!

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  1. Kali Cue says:

    My dog can be a stubern brat.Just like a kid,and other days she`s the sweetest dog you`d ever know.My dog has her times,and im working on her behavur…but personally i think boxers are the cutest,sweetest,most protective,and loyal dogs ever!!

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    It’s very good to see all this useful information on dog training. I have a concern though. How do you work with a younger dog?

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